Wagging Tail – 73

We canines appreciate almost everything in life. Bicycles are my exception to this rule!

We are born to sniff out joy.

Over the past months I’ve taught Mom that no gym in the world can beat a long walk with me on a fine day or even in the rain provided we’re together. It’s builds appetite.

Pretty much all food tastes good if you are hungry but it is nice to spice it up a little now and then.

The simple things in life like being able to dig a bit in the earth is a great stress reliever and when it results in a little harvest of home grown flavors it’s even better.

We are very fortunate that we have all we need and don’t have any worries about where our next meal is coming from.

If my humans wanted to they could get takeout or even eat out every day but don’t. They eat the same breakfast most mornings and the rest the menu rotates around about thirty main dishes.

Why do they make this choice? My guess is like me they find their joy in simple things like snipping a scallion and making a little meal from scratch that fulfills and satisfies and comforts.

Blessing # 738 – Staples and Spice

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