Wagging Tail – 74


My Mom follows a number of Facebook groups to get ideas for her antique business. One ironically is called Style On A Shoestring by Gill. 


I sit close while she’s screening through waiting to hear all the oohs and aahs. She’ll tell me what she finds if it excites her and this morning the topic was sweet peas.

She says they smell wonderful and always remind her of her Auntie Helen who grew them in abundance many years ago on a fence in her garden.

We tried to find some old photos of them in bloom but only found the fence! It has two tiny humans in it too. One is my Mum and the other is her cousin and Auntie Helens daughter Mandy. They sure look like little rascals don’t they! Bet there was some mischief going on that day!

Ma has given up trying to grow sweet pea the best she’s ever managed is a few flowers.

Fortunately there are other plants of fine fragrances like lavender which she has managed to get going. Albeit somewhat wild!

Today we plucked our first blooms and again Ma thought of Auntie Helen because lavender is her all time favorite.

Strange when the mind pulls up one memory many more pop up too. They must all be in the same filing cabinet deep in the soul!

Blessing # 739 – Prettiest Perfumes

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