Wagging Tail – 76


We are back where we started the day sitting on the patio drinking! This morning it was coffee now the fizz leftover from yesterday.

I’ve commissioned the table / foot stool as my bed as it gives me support and a great view. I am awaiting the next in a series of storms that ruined Ma’s day.

She had planned to abandon me and go to a big flea market about an hour from here but the first storm came in just as she was dropping Dad home after doing a few local estate sales.

Two of the sales were useless for antiques but at the first she picked up a 1957 watercolor for free by a man called Micheal  Sweeney.


She takes pity on homeless works even if they have serious issues. This one was especially interesting since she likes ducks but it was covered in big brown marks.

All sorts of horrendous smelling things like bleach and acetone were tried to remove them but to no avail. A brainwave hit!  Out came the paint and since it was still storming and the flea market was scuppered she decided she’d add to the original. Vincent help!

She didn’t do too bad a job. At first it was going to be clouds but that soon evaporated and it just became a wash. It is better than before for sure. Angelic? Maybe!

Once the paint was out there was no stopping her. She hit the bathroom that had been Versailled by herself a few years ago. The stencil work was awfully annoying so today we said adieu!

Flip me it went on for every and I was totally spaced out by the fumes and had to retire to bed but at last it’s done. Love

It’s meant to be distressed. More possessed if you ask me but anything is better than before.

Blessing # 741 – Restorations

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