Wagging Tail – 77

We sat on the patio this morning and watched our Church in Ireland. It was cloudy and not too warm so when Church was over we were well fortified with fuel and good to go for a long walk.

As soon as we got back Ma took off. She was determined to get to that flea market because she wants to restock her space with some new goodies tomorrow.

Dad and I took it easy while she was away but when she got back the excitement was great. Loaded!

She says during her drive into the heart of the country she’s finally worked out why she loves doing this. It’s like Christmas shopping all year long except you don’t know who you are buying for. All you know is that you love what your offering.

There was quite the haul. An eclectic mix ranging from needle work to rococo and wooden plates of a funny French Man!!!

All though have one thing in common in Ma’s eyes they are beautiful. Just like me!

Blessing # 742 – Eye of a Beholder

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