Wagging Tail – 78

It has been complete crazy here today. People running in and out in all directions since we got up. For the humans there has not been a minute to spare. Thankfully I did get my morning outing to the park.

All around us mushrooms are sprouting up. They are really tiny. Ma says it’s a mystery where they come from but that the leprechauns would love them.

They will be well shriveled now as it is so hot you could fry them. I’m glad my humans are busy so they don’t bother me and I can take comfort in the cool. Air Conditioning is a wonderful thing.

Best to just find the shadiest spot in the house, curl up, chill and if a snooze comes that would be just fine on a day like this.


Last night I was so exhausted I fell asleep with my nose in my Ma’s pocket where she keeps my treats. Great to have a day to catch up and get that energy back. Those humans need to take a tip or two from me!

Blessing # 743 – Recharging

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