Wagging Tail – 79

Wasn’t a pleasant start to the day for me. As Ma was drinking her coffee and snuggling beside me as she does she struck gold. There was a big tick stuck to me in a very delicate spot so she had to operate.

You will be pleased to hear I was very brave and wise and let her get on with the excision. The critter had got its fangs into me and was swollen like a little balloon but she got it off without bursting it. It was still moving but nearly dead. She took a piece of my skin too which hurt like #$&&

She then decided the spot needed to be cleaned so she got out the vodka and dabbed me with it. That stuff stings and stinks.

I nearly passed out and needed a head down tilt.

We presented the evidence to the bro and Dad when they surfaced and Dad promptly flushed it down the toilet. Done deal. Well NO!

That wasn’t the only entomological issue we faced today. On the way to Auntie Lori’s Ma was recounting my bravery to Auntie Denise when she barfed. We both stopped dead in our tracks as we couldn’t understand what happened her.

Believe it or not as she was talking a bug flew into her mouth and bit her right at the back of her mouth. She said it was really stingy and if she passed out we were to call 911.

She survived! It was a first though for her but seems there is precedent.

Blessing # 744 – Close Crawls

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