Wagging Tail – 80

I couldn’t believe my luck this morning. Dad had to go to the doctors for his check up so Ma said I could ride with them.


When she dropped him off we started cruising. I didn’t know where we were going but it was so cool with my head out the window I really didn’t care!

That’s when I got a shock she stopped the car right in the middle of town and took me out! Of course we’d driven through many times before but now I got to make my first official  visit! 

Well we walked for twenty minutes and did the whole round. The town hall, the village green, the bandstand and of course the stores. Our little town is tiny.

It was so great! I left my calling card and placed my paw in as many places as possible and you know what Mom said? Sometime she’ll fix with Auntie Lori to meet in town and we can all have a little stop at the coffee shop for treats!

Yeoh! I’m officially a grown up!

Blessing # 745 – Going Downtown

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