Wagging Tail – 81


My Mom was feeling real blue this morning so we had to find something to lighten her mood.

I tried my usual ploys like playing ball and doing tricks but to no avail. She was all forlorn.

She had to dig though Facebook until she found the trick.

The result was we listened to this geezer called Paul McCarty talking and singing with some other dude for half an hour and touring a place called Liverpool where Ma and the Bro had been last year.


All this before I’d had been out for a trot. I was busting and begging!


So when she said let’s go I took off like a shot.

The music and walk brought a smile back on her face. She said some songs bring back good memories and according to that Sir Paul said « singing makes everything feel better »

Blessing # 746 – Singers of Songs

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail – 81”

  1. Ah, Penny Lane. Brian and I were there last year. I loved the song and it became even better when I saw the bus stop and all the shops. Now is makes a lot more sense and I love the song even more!!! We also enjoyed the Beatles museum.


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