Wagging Tail – 82


I got confused and forgot to post on Friday. Maybe because Ma was rushing out to a street party that I could hear but didn’t attend because of the heat. A really good singer whose a friend of our neighbors came to perform and they had fun. Sounded great.

The very hot weather has done me a favor. Ma has taken pity on my tootsies so in the afternoon instead of walking round our area she has been taking me to the trails at the local forest park.

We get much more shade there so we don’t fry like an onion. There’s lots to see and smell too plus I get a ride in the car on the way there and back. BLISS!

Yesterday we took the trail down to the river. So much water but not a drop to drink. Hiking sure does make you thirsty.

We came across fields of wild flowers including Milk Weeds.
These are weird looking plants but the perfume is fabulous. They deserve a kinder name since they are very useful in attracting Monarch Butterflies. We haven’t seen any on them yet but for sure they will come.

We are so lucky to have these lovely places all around our city. They are called metro parks and are great for families to come for picnics with lots of set ups for BBQs. You can smell that cooking in the air too and to my mind it’s better than any Milk Weed.

I’m working on Ma to convince her we should fry up a few sausages too. She says that’s a hassle but I’m sure she’ll soon cave in!

Since it’s July 4th today the bro and her went to the pool as he’s got the day off. She got him some BBQ so I’m a bit miffed at that but then when they came home he made up for it by taking me for a car ride.

Just us bro’s bonding. Have fun on the fourth y’all!

Blessing # 747 – Independence

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