Wagging Tail – 83

Much as we hoped the storm would come our way, when we heard the distant thunder last evening, it passed us by.

We also heard the fireworks from the neighborhood and saw some shooting up to the moon. The bro bought us some sparklers so we lit those and had festive fun too.

Maybe it was all that time spent out in the dark but this morning another tick was stuck to me. I showed Mum and she did the necessary.

After a long walk we were feeling very hot so she went to chill at the pool while I rested by the air vent.

When she returned she said that she had seen her nemesis the dreaded Japanese Beetle swimming too. This strike her with fear and trepidation as it spell disaster for the annuals. Those beetles chew through a geranium before you can say Jack Robinson.

The tick and the beetle got us thinking why do such critters exist? Bugs like bees might sting you but they do good things too like make honey and pollinate our flowers but what good things do beetles and ticks do.

We are truly ignorant to their benefits so if you know please enlighten us. A quick Google explanatory on ticks is that they serve as a food source for birds and as population controllers for deer, mice and other animals. For Japanese Beetles we find no glory.

For all we know they might eat disease causing critters like mosquitoes or attack bacteria or viruses. We might owe them thanks and an apology. In the meantime I’ll nuke or nosh them.

Blessing # 748 – Bug Zappers

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