Wagging Tail – 84

We just came back from the River bluff trail. This time Ma had the  sense to take water for me. Auntie Lori has also started giving me a bowl when I get to her house each morning and it does make such a difference in this heat.

On the trail we were looking out for critters  and signs of their activities. We saw lots of logs by the side of the river that look like they’ve been used by beavers to sharpen their teeth. We also saw lots of holes that we think could be the entrance into skunks homes. We sure hope we don’t come face to face with one of them.

There are all sorts of paw prints and we play detective trying to work out what they are. Most are easy but some are intriguing and we spin stories about wolves and coyotes and bobcats. Anyone know what this pointy one might be?


Don’t you think every good mystery needs a canine to solve the plot. Sherlock had his bloodhounds but Mum’s favorite Master Shardlake did not.


Maybe I could give him some help. I think I’d fit right in in a Tudor Court! Quite regal really!

Blessing # 749 – Story Makers

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