Wagging Tail – 85

Praise be we’re sitting in the screened porch waiting for rain. We can see the clouds and hear the thunder and we pray for a huge downpour. The trees are all rustling like they should. It’s such a sweet sound.

We’re listening to the Duchess of Cornwall on Radio 5 while we’re here. Ma loves her and has become particularly attached during lock down. She’s been making some short videos that Ma watches and that show her great sense of humor and warmth. I like her voice too. Very calming and deep!

Today she’s talking about being an ancient ballerina. Seems she took to dancing just some months ago. Ma can relate as she does this Barre Ballet too.

Thats not the most important thing though that these ladies have in common. They both love rescues. HRH has Beth and Bluebell and Ma of course has me.

Its like HRH can read my Ma’s mind. She’s said perfectly how my Ma feels about me.

We also got what we prayed for. We had to come indoors. We won’t need to water for a few days and got a free hose down of the screens to boot!

Blessing # 750 – A Duchess and A Downpour


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