Wagging Tail – 86

The bro has his days off today and tomorrow so we got to hang out and then go out.

Usually it’s Dad and me together in the morning but it’s more fun when the bro’s about. He plays rough whereas Dad just plays ball.

Ma was in a bit of a mood this morning as the storm had wrecked her front garden.


She cheered up though when she salvaged a wee bunch and the bro arranged for her car service.

We drove out in convoy to the garage and then all piled into one car for a little road trip.

The bro had spotted a Mini car when the two of us were out cruising at the weekend. He thought we should look at it as it’s Mum’s favorite car in the whole wide world. When we got to the dealership it was sold. They have another though that looks good but the dealer said he had to inspect it as it’s leaking oil. Hardly auspicious!

After that we took the country roads home and I did some back seat driving. The bro was at the wheel and when he drives it’s always more exciting than with you know who. Herself never burns an orange or does anything on two wheels she just plods along. With the bro it feels more like a ride on a roller coaster. Spells vacation to me even if it’s just for an afternoon!

Blessing # 751 – Family Time

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