Wagging Tail – 87

There is a small room in our basement that my Mom has claimed as her own. She has it set up as a place to escape to but never uses it. Don’t ask me why!

It lies between the big room where the bro plays his war games and where we all go when there is a tornado warning and the boiler and AC unit where we hope we never need to go or else we’re in trouble.

In her own little place Ma stores her stash of books that she collects all year round for the pool season.

Any book that is part of her read again or ready reference is also stored her. This way they don’t get mixed up with Dad’s massive store.

This week she completed her fourth book of the summer The Handmaid’s Tale, which is scary given the current climate, and so we went in search of the fifth.

There is some process to the selection that includes the length of chapters, the size of print and the thickness of the tome and of course the draw of the outline.

I helped her choose this time and we homed in on The Bridges of Madison County.

As always there is method in my madness. I’m hoping it will inspire her to take us on a tour of the covered bridges of Ohio. Picnic plans speak so sweetly to me!

Blessing # 752 – Texts and Treats

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