Wagging Tail – 89


This day will go down in Scooby history as momentous. If you were Van Morrison you’d write a song about it!

I just cannot contain my excitement.

Early this afternoon my Ma said let’s go car. I was out in a flash. We took off and took the route to the beach. EXCEPT this time we stopped not at the human beach but at the doggie one!

You have never in your life seen such a place. It is doggie paradise.

I was a bit hesitant at first to get in the water. I watched the other dogs and played with them on the sand but that water was new to me.


There were boats going up and down the lake so that made waves which kinda freaked me out. Plus I’d never been swimming in this much water before. So what did Ma do? She got in with me.

Once she did that I got my confidence and soon I was doggie paddling like the best of them.

Of course Ma had to put her phone to the side so it wouldn’t get wet so you can’t see us both in the water but we had fun.


When we got out we were both soaked of course so we then went to the big dog park to dry off.

Oh that place is amazing you can run round in circles like a crazy canine and play with lots of other four pawed persons.


I even met a cute little lady and we chilled together. Don’t tell my girlfriend! It’s just a little summer romance!!!

Blessing # 754 – Days Like This

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