Wagging Tail – 90

Mom was working this afternoon and so we went out early for our big walk. It was so cool compared to these past days so we got all our steps in before ten o’clock without any panting. I was glad because I was really quite tired from my exertions of yesterday.

Before she left for work at 12:15 she took me down to the end of our street for a pee. Two of my best friends Josie and Georgia live there. They are Cockapoo sisters and are both in love with me. Of course I play it cool but they chase me around like crazy.

They are one year old so just teenagers not nearly as mature as myself! Today their humans invited me into their big back yard to run around for ten minutes. Two days of freedom in a row is too good to be true.


When we came home I helped Mom wolf down her lunch which was a delicious cheese souffle that the bro had brought from work.

He also bought her some custom made masks that came all the way from Ireland. She had me help her choose one for work today. I gave my seal of approval to Ulster.


It sure is ironic that our humans have to wear the muzzles these days but if it keeps them safe I’m all for it. Just as long as I’m free.

Blessing # 755 – Masking a Statement



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