Wagging Tail – 91

Today the bro was off work so there was no alarm. I tried to get Ma up on time for gym but she wouldn’t listen. The result? All day she has been running late. This makes her like a mad hatter or is it the white rabbit? I don’t know or care for that matter. It can’t be much of a wonderland anyway if there are no dogs in it!

So she was all fussy and rushy rushy as though she’d taken some stimulant. It was « hurry up Scooby » then  « hurry up Aaron«  and finally she hit on poor old Dad «  oh for goodness sake will you hurry up ». Poor man always gets the brunt of it.


Since she was busy this afternoon the bro decided we men folk better get out of the way and leave her to it so we went to view the bro’s new lodging where he’ll be when he starts college. He’s in a dorm with three other lads. That will be a smelly extravaganza I’m sure so I’m hoping they’ll invite me over.

When we got back Ma was still out so I just hung around watching for her while Dad cooked roast chicken. I had to leave the kitchen as it was smelling so good I may have caused a saliva skid.

We can’t eat it until she has typed what I recant to you so she is still rushing.

That’s it folks! Tasty to the table!

Blessing # 756 – Fowl Play


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