Wagging Tail – 92

Mom and I take care of our plants early before the sun gets too intense.

It’s a great time of day because it’s just us so we chat and take in the progress of all the little ones. Ma says she feels a bit like Eve in the Garden of Eden before the snake came. «
In the Cool of the Day »

Wonder did Adam and Eve have a dog? He wasn’t too smart if they did or he’d have smacked or swallowed that slitherer.

Anyway I digress! So the deal this morning was that we discovered some of our little rogue plants had flowered. They are quite literally growing out of the wall.

We’ve had quite a few little pop ups this year including two little tomatoes that we didn’t plant.

They are all doing well. Even those that fell on stony ground can be rescued with water, warmth and of course all that love I give them.

Blessing # 757 – Sunny Surprises

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