Wagging Tail – 93

We furry ones are fortunate in that we don’t need to choose what we’ll wear each morning.


We just stretch and go! Before I get out of bed I put by legs straight up in the air and point my toes. Ma says there must be a yoga name for this but she doesn’t know it.

While I’m listening to her crunching through her breakfast I general lie on my back with belly up for a tickle. You can’t beat a tickle to freshen up the fur and get the day started.

Thats all I need!

Humans take so much longer to get ready. They need to bathe and then put on their clothes. In summer Ma usually wears shorts and a swim suit but since she has a wardrobe full of skirts she’s decided to wear them this week. She’s been watching her fashion guru again and bright is the buzz.


This may seem simple but it’s not as she has to matchy match everything.

I thought she’d never find something to go with this orange Carmen Miranda costume she pulled out of the cupboard this morning but she managed.

It also is a perfect match for her nose and one of our favorite snacks. Cheese Puffs!

We can’t be beaten when it comes to teamwork my Ma and me!

Blessing # 758 – Skirts and Snacks

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