Wagging Tail – 94

Dad went out with the bro today to get a few things at the store. When they came back the bro left immediately. Mum and I were sitting in the living room eating lunch and watching TV when Dad called from the kitchen saying he’d got something for Ma.

I could sense her mind ticking over. Was it a plant, a bunch of flowers, her favorite OUD scented  candle? There was a nice little smirk on her face.


So we went to the kitchen and there on the bench we found it! The gift! Four boxes of sardines! Well the « oh thank you » was less than convincing I can tell you!


So this afternoon just to please her I took her into town for a little scurry around the boutiques. Of course we’re limited to looking at the windows but thats OK. Dreaming is as good as getting!

Now this may seem like an unlikely spot to encounter wildlife but trust me downtown Powell is a special little spot.


We nearly took out a deer and then on our circuit round the village green we saw a beaver as big as myself. If Ma had let me go I’d have snagged her the makings of a good hat but she didn’t.

Further round and feeling hot and slow we both nearly fainted. As we passed a trash can with one of those flappy lids what flew out at us but a big fat squirrel. No doubt a few takeaway leftovers had found their way in there.

Never a dull moment even when all you want to do is shopping.

Blessing # 759 – Small Town Safari

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