Wagging Tail – 96

It’s scorching hot here. The greens at the Memorial Golf Tournament are like straw and so is our yard.


Ma and I got out early before the sun broke through the clouds so we weren’t feeling too bad. Just now though we did a mile and we are both exhausted. I had to take to the tile to cool off.

We heard from Al Roker the world famous weather man this morning that in the USA 54 Million people are under a heat advisory. Go figure the number of puppies concerned. In Central Ohio we are already at the fourth hottest summer on record and we are only half way through July.

You would think the sun is coming closer but it’s not. A camera got a little closer to it though and some new pictures were sent back to show us what it’s like.

Looks so beautiful and special my Ma says it’s just like my curls. Well y’all know I am her sunshine!

Blessing # 760 – Fireballs

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