Wagging Tail – 97


There’s one thing to be said for a good coat like mine in the summer you might get hot but you don’t fry

Ma is starting to resemble a roast chicken but she says the only place to be with this heat is in the water.

Due to the inordinate amount of time she spends there she’s rattling her way through the books and has finished another few.

She buys most books in our Church Book Sale or in yard sales so they might have passed through several hands before they reach her. It’s almost a novel in itself the things that are uncovered.

In Love Invents Us she found a page from an old Newsweek dated 1997 about the author. Coincidence? The author was living in Connecticut at the time and so was Ma.

In Schindler’s List which she’s on now she found a business card with a Michigan  address and some phone numbers on it. Wonder what journey the book took to get to Ohio!

Sometimes things arrive when you least expect them.

Like a butterfly that seemingly took a great liking to Ma. It stuck around so long she got to take a load of pics to show me. Maybe she tastes like chicken too!

Better give her a lick! Nice appetizers since it’s about dinner time!

Blessing # 761– Serendipity

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