Wagging Tail – 98

We got out really early. It was already like a cauldron so hot that I puked.

Ma went to Church for the first time since March. It’s opened up today with all safe distancing as you can see in this pic Auntie Lori took of the pair of them.

Ma forgot to book the pool last night and all the places were taken so she hit the yard.


The mint had taken over and she’d been putting off chopping it down but now there was no excuse as it had started to flower. Looks kinda pretty in a vase

She told Dad she was going to get him some to make chutney but once she started she couldn’t stop and hacked it all down.

What a mess! I offered to help dig it up for her but she refused so I was left to watch the whole process through the window.


It took her hours. Each time she came in for a drink I thought it was over but no chance.

C4C0AD71-E9B4-40CA-A17C-B52C325DB342Once she’d finished sorting and bagging the good stuff for Dad she started making jelly. Heavens I was bursting but didn’t get out for another walk till five o’clock.

Just as well I didn’t eat any of her harvest. It’s a diuretic you know. Could have spelt big trouble! The place looks a bit tidier too I can even see whose at the door.

Blessing # 762 – Relief 

2 Replies to “Wagging Tail – 98”

  1. I have several different varieties of mint, just love making ice tea. I would be interested in how you process your harvest.


    1. Tell me this. Have you tried to store your tea or do you drink it fresh. Mine forms a very heavy floculation that falls to the bottom of the jug or bottle. I can devant it but just wonder do you see this too. Hugs g


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