Wagging Tail – 99

No joke there must have been fifty ducks at our park’s pond this morning. They may have been having a strategy meeting or maybe they have a broadcast system to inform each other that the pickings are good.

There was a little girl feeding them. I tried to suck up to her to see if she’d give me some too but I was out of luck.  Ah we’ll probably seed or grain anyway.

Ma and Pa went out to view another property today. You won’t believe but it is exactly next door to the one they saw in Spring of 2019 that resulted in the purchase of so much stuff that eventually resulted in herself starting her antique venture!

Who knows what this will lead to but the house is definitely in much better shape than the original one.

I of course have not endorsed any of this yet but I’m applying to be the guard dog. Don’t you think I look fierce.

Blessing # 763 – New Ambition


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