Wagging Tail – 100

DE7FC48C-9CBE-4745-88EE-C4EEBBEDE5BECan you imagine it’s my one hundredth message to you. So much water has crossed under the bridge since I first put paw to paper.

Let’s hope the future holds health and happiness.

My bro is doing his best to keep me  smart and smiling. He has taught me so many tricks and now we’re working on wisdom.

This starts with patience. If I want to play ball I must WAIT!

If I want a treat I must sit up and WAIT!

If I want to impress I must WAIT!


Mimic maturity and seek knowledge and work. That’s the enduring message that is passed on.

This is why I love my Ma so much she doesn’t make me perform all she wants is a snuggle and for me to STOP chasing bicycles!

Blessing # 764 – Love Lessons

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