Wagging Tail – 101

I’m sharing the wise words early as my secretary is working this afternoon.


When she typed 101 we thought it sounded like one of those books our Aaron has like French 101 or Maths 101. So of course we wondered was there a Dogs 101. Heavens there is one for ever breed and even a TV show. Bet there is an episode on bicycles!

Well here is one lesson for ever pet parent that I can teach like a pro. A thunderstorm that drops the temperature from 100F to 60F is much appreciated. You can only imagine how much I delighted in this mornings outing it was so cool I returned with my tail held high.

I’m as fresh as a daisy now but we need another 101 right now. Garage Doors! Ours is stuck! Fortunately stuck open so Ma can escape. Poor Dad and me have to deal with it.

I tell you that woman has more luck than anyone I know. Dodges ever bullet. Of course it could have something to do with her origins. Maybe some of it could rub off on me. Open doors spells fun and run!

Blessing # 765 – The Irish ☘️

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