Wagging Tail – 107

I’m late with the daily news because I’ve been out cruising with the bro.

Ma and Pa made yet another trip to the project to inspect from the outside. They are falling more deeply in love.

The perspective from a distant angle looks quite good it seems and the location is close to an area of town thats getting a facelifts.

The bro and I were fed up waiting for their return so took a road trip to Seminole Island at Indian Lake. It was bliss. Such a long drive Just the two of us rapping as we rode.

I do love my bro so much he treats me like and adult. Unlike the ancient Ps.


When we returned we found Ma had made yet another purchase for the project. A very fine piece if I should say So myself!

A few dogs feature prominently. Smart move Ma.

The names not bad either for a retro sort of place « Hometown Memories »

Blessing # 771 – Home & A Broad



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