Wagging Tail – 108


As cousin Krishna V reminded me this morning it is world tiger day.

740403E3-5088-4E49-B373-EFD913BAB59B I sometimes feel caged like the poor souls who live in captivity and have some common features.

I can pounce and chew and feel particularly wild when I am in the dog house.

You see last night I noshed straight through another leash when out for my evening constitutional.

Ma was not pleased as this will now be the fifth time I’ve wrecked one. She took me out this morning with the old retractable that was my predecessors but no longer retracts. I nearly took her out when five bicycles appeared.

Auntie Denise was with us and said she thought she had an old leash in her basement that would get us through the day.

Sure enough she found the one that belonged to her old dog who died fifteen years ago.

So now even if I look like a Tiger and claim to be a Samoyed there is no doubt I’m still just good old Scooby Doo!

Blessing # 772 – No Disguises

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