Wagging Tail – 109

Walking on a short leash is no fun. I may have to amend my ways.

Ma “Growled” at me several times this morning as I tried to pull her arm out of it’s socket.

Her face is very scary when she snarls. It gets all screwed up and wrinklier. Usually I just avoid the fear it might instill by not looking her in the eye. She never bites.

I growl too sometimes when my bro insists on dressing me up. Of course I’d never hurt him. My favorite time to make my presence felt is in the middle of the night. I GROWL with real serious tones!

As my secretary writes she is listening to the funeral of her hero John Lewis. She admired everything about this man but especially that he, like me, believed in making his voice heard but never hurting any human! He was kind to other critters too!

Blessing # 773 – Good Trouble

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