Wagging Tail – 110

Well there can’t  be bigger  news than this! The aged Ps put an offer on the house yesterday and after some stellar negotiation got it!

I’m staking a claim to a large area as I’m going to oversee the entire project. I’ll make sure everyone works to plan and that there is no shirking. Nip a few heels I will. No!

The current idea in the head of the human is three apartments, a tea-room and a curiosity shop.

The fun has already started as to what we call it. Initially Ma thought revival. Aunt Laura suggested that needed some enhancements and suggested Vintage Revival. She also had the brilliant idea of Gillian’s Gunk!


The current working title is Red Rose Revival. The route to that was circuitous and included an exotic name no longer in our plans.

There is an old rose bush at the house that needs a lot of TLC but had one perfect bloom last time Ma was there.

Funny thing  is she also bought an old chair for the place this week that has, roll the drums readers, a rose carved right into that wood.

Very regal and appropriate for such a palace!!!

Blessing # 774 – Dreaming Big

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