Wagging Tail – 111


My girlfriends Jodie and Georgia swung by today for a visit. They love me more than tongue can tell.

We ran around in circles and did what teenagers do. We had a good sniff at each other, did a bit rough and tumble and then chilled and ate some treats.

These girls are so pretty and I just can’t make my mind up which one to date! Don’t tell my other girlfriend as we are still an item!

I think my bro is having similar issues. He keeps taking off at short notice and has told me all about it but I am sworn to secrecy. He refuses to give the ancient parents any details!

All I can do is smirk and seal my lips!

Herself tried to extract some info from me this afternoon by taking me to the dog park and talking about how we all must trust each other. Yeh Ma toss the ball but just don’t expect me to spill any beans!

Blessing # 775 – Confidants

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