Wagging Tail – 113


It’s been a sort of stinky day around here. Ma was in a foul mood from the moment she got out of bed. Lack of sleep again!

She had a humongous shouting match with the bro even before I got out for my first job.

When she looses the temper it’s bad but honestly he does stir her up. I felt like running away but then I thought of Dad and chips.

That poor man is so good to her and all of us and yet she ate the face of him also.

She had to boil four dozen eggs for some reason or other so she went to the store to get fresh ones. When she came back Dad had already started with the ones in the fridge. Talk about huffing and puffing all because he ripped up the stupid egg box.

Crikey what a stink like one gigantic fart. It was definitely a case of eggs and exasperation. Thank heavens there was no onion in the mix that’s better with cheese in chips!

Blessing # 777 – Masks

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