Wagging Tail – 133

Well I can’t complain too much today. Herself walked me in the cool of the morning and again just now.

We have been painting! Our lovely handyman is doing the external woodwork and Ma is experimenting with transformation of frames of some of her rescued treasures for the tea-room.

Dad is not convinced it is a good idea. He think she should leave the old and well alone. Of course you know when something gets into her head you can’t stop her. The one on the right is the original and the one in the middle is her masterpiece!

She woke up with a fit of the giggles this morning. She told me that for some reason, thinking of all the work going on she remembered the first time she heard of a certain persons occupation before taking to politics.

He was a painter. When Ma heard this she was just a kid and thought he painted walls and windows. Of course he was or wanted to be an artist. Heaven knows why she thinks this is funny but she does. Hysterical? NO!

It would make you scream for help. Who the heck has heard of Hitler!

Blessing # 797 – Brushed

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