Wagging Tail – 134

I got to go out a lot today as the workers at our house were painting inside. My trip to the dog park just now was a little disappointing as there was only Ma to play with. I guess Monday afternoon is not peak time for puppy parties.

Our dog park is set in an orchard and with the hot weather all the apples are falling. You need to be careful as they can hit the ground or even your cranium with a solid plop.

Ma played tennis with me but that’s not nearly as much fun as chasing the girls. It’s especially challenging when the ball looks just like the apples.

After a few sets I decided to come back home. The place smelt like a brewery with all those fruits rotting away.

The house doesn’t smell much better I’ll just succumb to the stink and snooze.

Blessing # 798 – Shut Eye

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