Wagging Tail – 135

I’m going underground. Each day more tea-room treasures are brought home. I fear I might be displaced to make room for them. Worse still if I break any I may be returned to Texas!

If it’s not enough that herself is out digging for gold her friends have started to supply her too.

This weekend Auntie Lori brought a beautiful mirror and cute little electric candle from her Moms. They will be perfect in her place and Ma has the very exact spot lined up for them.

Another pal Carole gave Ma a fine bone china cake stand today. It is gorgeous and will be perfect to present the tearooms « Cake of the Day »

Our car has an automatic pilot that now goes directly to Goodwill and it’s rare that Ma leaves empty handed.

Today she picked up something that sums up the whole adventure.

She sure has the eye and yes I do believe in angels! After all I’m one myself!

Blessing # 799 – Faith.

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