Wagging Tail – 136

Unless Your Name is Scooby

You’d never guess it’s National Dog Day. While others are tenderly caring for their pooch and posting photos all over social media I’ve been abandoned by herself from nine till five.

Oh yeh she claims to be very busy getting heating and cooling and gardening and heaven knows what arranged at « the project » while I suffocate here with paint fumes in this horrendous heat.

95 Fahrenheit! You could fry eggs on the pavement. We’d probably not have been able to get our steps in even if she had been here. Don’t tell her that though!

Each day she whispers in my ear that I’m her one and only. The love of her life. My foot!

I’m telling you now that this place better have a room marked Scooby Shack or I’m out of here.

Blessing # 800 – Teeth

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