Wagging Tail – 141

We are on the banter earlier than usual today as we have nothing else to do.

Ma and I are locked out on the patio as there is an engineer here fixing our fridge freezer. Fortunately it is a lovely day with a gentle breeze and a perfect 78F

Our equipment’s been playing up for three weeks but this is the earliest we could get an appointment. Fortunately it’s under warranty as the compressor has gone belly up!

We are praying he can fix it today as we are having withdrawal symptoms from ice-cream. As soon as we get the green light we’ll be out the door like a shot to buy a big tub of the best vanilla!

Funny the things you take for granted like an ice cube on a hot day. I’m hoping to nosh into one of those too tonight.

In the meantime having walked miles with Auntie Lori this morning we have nothing else to do but watch the world go by and bark at a few passing baby bucks.

Oh and talk and talk and talk That woman never shuts up!

Blessing # 805 – Shady Deal

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