Wagging Tail – 142

My tail is not wagging! I’m absolutely furious.

Remember herself and I were outside waiting for the fridge to get fixed. Well while there I was reclining against her holiness when she discovered I had plant burrs imbedded in the fur in my back legs.

Next thing I know she gets out the shears and starts razing me. I protested violently so she resorted to the scissor. Chopped me all over! You’ll be cooler dear! Too right cooler with you you monster!

Look at the result. What a mess I am in. Worse still all this when I was looking perfect and adorable to celebrate my birthday.

Now I’m like a mange infested mutt rather than a glorious golden Star!

I went underground again and last night didn’t sleep with her. I went underneath the bed as far away from her as I could get. When she got up in the middle of the night to pee and stuck her hand under the bed to coax me up beside her I snarled and pretended to bite her.

I’m really miffed with her. Just glad her stupid fridge is still not working. Serves her right for doing that to me.

Blessing # 806– Poetic Justice

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