Wagging Tail- 150

We had a bit of a stressful morning. After our walk Ma tried to get the internet working without success. The new TV is fine which is a mercy.

She called Spectrum twice and they were so helpful but each time the WiFi system kept stalling after about five minutes use.

So bottom line is a technician is coming tomorrow to help us.

The bro came past to check up on us and he agreed a technician is needed.

Ma left for the project where is is meeting the public health people to see if the tearoom is feasible or not.

We may have to revise plans but one step at a time.

I’m just glad that we are all in one piece and we are all grateful for your concern.

Not many can say they were struck by a lightning bolt. Good old Scooby Doo wasn’t even scared. Just another one of our Whacky Races

Blessing # 812– Cartoons

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