Wagging Tail – 151

After six long weeks of being out of commission our fridge freezer is back in the land of the living.

Seems this time we had a Freon leak! I’m so glad it’s working because herself has bought a bucket load of ice cream so I’ll me wrapping my chops around a drop or two of that later on.

Dad is delighted too because he can get a few ice cubes in his whiskey and of course give me some.

Herself was working up an appetite for the cool stuff by spending the afternoon painting a big picture frame in the sun.

She went to a class last night at the antique store to learn all about the Dixie Bell chalk paint products they sell. That way if customers ask what different things are for she’ll have at least a basic knowledge of the range.

Today she « transformed » a framed print bought some weeks ago. While she forgot to take a pic of the original frame the revived version looks good.

Puzzled though that those flowers don’t smell like mine on the patio!

Blessing # 813 – Greener

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