Wagging Tail – 153

Those who know Ma know that she speaks in code.

Would you like to drive out to the country, we’ll go somewhere we’ve not been loosely translates to I’ve an urge to go bargain hunting in barns but have not seen any sale advertised today

Poor Da is a sucker for her ploys. So it was that today after she’d fortified him with a good lunch we all set off.

I could sense her panick that after twenty miles we were still driving through the fields of gold as Sting would say.

Just then we hit a place with the fortuitous name of Prospect and she did indeed strike gold.

Three chairs for a dollar and an old telephone table that she got for a buck too. Granted the chairs have no seats and the table is grunge unlimited but she has vision and she has PAINT!

Think of me though dear reader as I was jammed into a tiny space to make room for her loot. She needs a truck for Christmas!

It felt quite cosy though after a while and not at all unlike my safe space.

Oh and I forgot to mention those chairs are going to be used to display the art in the tea-room. Just in case you thought she was planning to move into upholstery! Mercy!

Blessing # 815 – Limited Space

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