Wagging Tail – 154

On Ma’s Facebook memories a photo of a balloon popped up today. It had landed in our yard exactly one year ago. She thought at the time it was a message from heaven that my predecessor Dibley had sent. He’d passed the rainbow bridge earlier that week and Ma and Pa and the bro were feeling very blue.

Little did they know that I was on a truck taking a long road trip from Texas to take care of them.

It was Friday 13 September, 2019 and it wasn’t the most comfortable of journeys. I had to bunk with 25 other puppies but it was a lucky day for me. My pals and I felt happy that we’d been rescued by good people who were taking us to safety at The Canine Collective in Plain City Ohio.

The very next day after a short sleep at that safe and clean and happy CC kennel I found my forever family. More on that tomorrow!

For today let’s just say that sometimes you need to cross a few borders before you reach your final destination!

Blessing # 816 – A Journey

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