Wagging Tail – 157

How do you meet your goals if you keep going back to the same place? Unless of course if it’s to think from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

That’s what I thought today when Ma forced me to make two trips to Meadowview our usual duck pond park. We ain’t gonna get those parks done this week as planned.

Good reason though as it turned out. She hasn’t lost the plot. The second visit was to meet auntie Lori.

She is back at school so we cannot walk with her in the morning. Man was I glad we got to trot with her this afternoon though. Treats a gogo. She must have been saving them up all week just for me.

I’ll happily make a return trip there anytime any day. In fact I might just escape and go visit her by myself. All I need to do is lie in wait!

Sometimes it pays to resign yourself to the benefits of places close to home They can offer just as much if not more than new adventures.

Blessing # 819 – Familiarity

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