Wagging Tail – 158

This morning I alerted Ma to the trespassers in our yard. I got rid of them pretty fast too!

She appreciated and took me on a park crawl.

We hit Adventure Park, the Village Green and Library Park in one walk. Made up for yesterday and the days not done yet! We snagged some nice weeds down by the railroad tracks. Anyone know what they are?

I suspected there may have been and alternative motive for her pampering when she put some poop in a bag and slung it in the car.

Indeed after a bit of freshening up next up she wheels me back into the car and off we went to the vets.

It was that time of year to pretend you are a pin cushion.

I endured stoically but man am I glad I’m declared a super healthy hero and am back home again in my own kitchen!

Hoping for some special treat to compensate for my suffering this evening! Seems I need to get a dental chew a day to keep my pearlies polished! Yummy Mummy!

Blessing # 820 – Annual Events

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