Wagging Tail – 159

Our park target for the week is paying off great for me. Shame Ma’s project isn’t advancing as well.

She is possessed that she’ll work out how to get the plans drawn all my herself. She keeps hitting brick walls though! Today’s upside was that she got the third quote on the HVAC system so was chewing her fingers as to which one to pick! This called for fresh air!

So off we went once more to yet another of the towns parks. This one we’d never even heard of let alone been even though our family have lived here for ten years!

It was so worth the visit. A beautiful spot with two trails. Ironically located on Seldom Seen Road.

We took both trails and will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I found a great little hiding place that would be ideal for hunting down a bunny or two if herself would let me spend the night alone.

Definitely we’ll be going back
We just got a first taste of what the fall colors might look like today! Herself also got her head cleared and made a decision on the HVAC so we’re on the way to both heating and cooling!

Blessing # 821 – Road Less Travelled

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