Wagging Tail – 160

Our final day on the park challenge had us going round in circles. We knew we had two more parks to hit to meet our goal.

Try as we might it was impossible to find an entrance into Oak Ridge even though we drove past the address five times. Nothing if not determined my Ma.

So to avoid me passing out or suffering a malaise she decided to head to the other one we hadn’t explored. Alas it is still a work in progress!

By now my desire to pee had escalated to urgency so I told her to put the pedal down and get us to the nearest possible tree.

So agreed and we ended up back where we started at Adventure park. This time we did the sights and watched a lot of people.

Skate board dudes, basket ball high schoolers, climbing frames toddlers, Girl Scouts and even a group of ladies dressed in salwar kameeze like my auntie Hema wears exploring big trees!

I let kids pet me as I’m a decent sort and they all think I’m so sweet.

Little do they know that I’m a giant of a soul. Just like my shadow that has been walking with me and another huge person all week long.

Blessing # 822 – Adventurers

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