Wagging Tail – 161

After Church Ma rushed Dad and me into the car. We’re going to a liquidation sale she said!

It’s was of no significance to me where we were going as long as I got to ride with the windows down. That wind in your face is fab fun! 

It was a cool day so they didn’t worry about leaving me in the car with the windows open. It gets a bit boring though if there is no one to bark at.

After about ten minutes she came back to tell me I’d have to be patient as she’d bought a whole table full of china for the project!

Flip! Wrapping that will take for ever I thought! I gave her the evil eye and that worked.

As it happened she was swift because at the price she paid she could afford to break a few bits.

It didn’t end there though. Dad spotted two boxes of water glasses and she spotted a screen. All were must haves!

By the time They got it all in the back there was hardly room for me to breathe.

It was all solid too not a drop of liquid in sight! The screen is pretty smart I must say. I could hide behind that nicely

The best of all though was a dolls china tea set. Dad found it and herself nearly fainted when she saw the name!

Nothing other than Teatime Treasures! Just add an and and we have our name!

Blessing # 823 – Meant to Be

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