Wagging Tail – 162

Today we took it easy after yesterday’s exertions although I was in the dog house for a short period.

Ma and Pa’s pals who have moved to Florida stopped by this morning to say hello. They were on the way to their daughters place in Chicago.

They’d only met me once before and that was late in the evening when I was quite exhausted. They were unprepared for my morning exuberance.

I jumped all over them! Ma had to take me in hand and eventually she threw me out on the patio with a dental chew to shut me up.

It was good to meet these dear friends and love on them as much as I was permitted. They are favorites of the bro’s so he extended his weekend to greet them too.

He has since decided to extend it further and eat with us before heading back to the dorm. I think he misses our food if nothing else!

Can’t say I’m sorry as he messes around with me and took me for a little hike today too. I love him.

Ma is making him his requested favorite food of breaded chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. It would seem she’s friends with me again too as she tossed in all the little broken chicken bits for me.

That cuddling up and looking angelic does the trick every time!

Blessing # 824 – Forgiven

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