Wagging Tail – 163

The first day of “fall” as they say here and what a beautiful day it has been.

All our annuals have got a second wind so Ma is watering them as it’s very dry to try to keep them going for another month or so.

The bees are happy too and Ma is particularly pleased that a chrysanthemum she planted in the yard last year has started to bloom.

Usually they don’t make it here in Ohio because the winters are so cold but this one must be hardy like me.

It’s perfect walking weather so I grabbed my leash and told Ma we had to get out and make the most of it.

We went back to the Meadow and White Tail Trails.

It’s such fun but has some consequences. All these sticky things get in my hair. So when we get back I have to go belly up to get them all picked out.

Herself tries to be gentle so I can’t complain too much. Anything’s worth it for that walk in the woods

Blessing # 825 – Compromise

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