Wagging Tail – 169

When I’m left alone there is only so much sleep I can take.

So I watch out the windows.

When that gets boring I mope

and when that gets too sad I sleep some more.

That’s why when my humans return I’m ready for action and jump all over them.

Such was the case today When Ma went to the project and Pa went shopping.

It would seem some progress is being made albeit a lot slower than her majesty would wish. Things are arriving and the first job is complete.

She’s testing out paint colors on walls and floors and playing around with chairs to see how many she can fit.

There will be no knighthoods given though unless someone can pull a fast one and get the drawings done and permits pulled out of the state in record time.

It’s all so much paper. I’d really rather paint or pose!

Blessing # 831 – Modeling

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